love is in every gingerbread
How to order gingerbread?
  • Choose the shape and size.
  • Decide on the quantity.
  • Choose a picture.
  • At least 10 working days before the holiday, send a request to Mimishka, indicating the desired date of readiness. The order fulfillment period depends on the load and is from 10 working days from the moment of payment of the order
  • Agree all the details of the order together with Mimishka.
  • Payments for specified order.
  • At the specified time, pick up the gingerbread.

  • Can't decide on an order? Mimishka will help you choose the best design option, and our designer will prepare models of future gingerbreads.
Payment and delivery
We use Twint and PayPal payment systems. You will receive details after order confirmation.

Gingerbreads are currently available for pick-up from Basel, Riehenring by appointment.

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