Lactose-free gingerbread
with your logo or picture.
Order, taste, give, surprise!

Carefully! Gingerbread is so delicious that it causes love
from the first piece!
Love is in every gingerbread
gingerbread with your company's logo as corporate gifts

sweet compliments to clients and partners

gingerbread decoration of candy bars and themed parties

decoration of sweets for children’s parties with prints of favorite cartoon characters

nursery cards, invitations, compliments for family celebrations, weddings and christenings

individual design illustrations on gingerbread
Mimishka offers:
Special offer
Define the form
circle, rectangle, heart or shaped
from 10 identical gingerbreads, 10 or more days before the event
Ordering gingerbread is very easy!
Choose a size
Upload logo
Choose the quantity and desired date
Pick up at the agreed time in Basel
the diameter of a circle or the length of the sides of the figure
or a picture
in JPG or PNG format
After receiving the application, we agree with you on the date of readiness

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Individual gingerbread
from 10 identical gingerbreads with a unique logo or pattern

Gift sets
themed sets of gingerbread for your holiday

Cake decorations
From CHF 7 for one gingerbread stick with your favorite character (size up to 12 cm)

10% of sales of Mimishka Sweets go directly
to help Ukrainian defenders
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